Final Toy Proposal

The world – and everyone in it – move at such a fast pace, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. It seems everyone always has somewhere to be without time left to waste, carrying everything they need with them to get through the day successfully. Whether it’s to get to school or work, backpacks, handbags, and shoulder bags are all essential tools for any traveller – so why are they all so bland?

It’s time to breathe some life into the item you rely on a daily basis. With the new line of Dolberg Haus shoulderbags, you have the ability to customize your bag like you customize your outfit. The Dolberg Haus come with tons of accessories, lots of colour, and a variety of touchable textiles, so no matter what your preference is or what your style is, you can make your bag one of a kind anytime of the day. Forget about your boring and generic shoulder bag. It’s time you made a change to your style without breaking the bank. And with a wide selection of materials and designs, you can’t ever go wrong.

The bags come in sets with their own different themes and include up to 48 separate design pieces – all removable and adjustable to any spot on your bag. Not liking a motif in the set? Make one of your own with the materials included in the package and be as creative as you want!

The various adjustable straps also allow you to mix and match with the style of your bag. Whether you want a clear, fuzzy, or bright red strap, just use the built-in clips to fasten your choice of strap onto the bag itself and you’re on your way.

And of course, optimizing space is an important aspect to the product. With up to 14 zip-able pockets located around and within the bag, organization and room for all your essentials is never a problem. With so many choices and fun ways to stylize, you won’t ever get bored of your Dolberg Haus shoulder bag.

When a prototype was made and tested, users responded positively to the tactility of the object as well as the option to customize it however they felt. They liked the idea that they could alter the appearance of the item at their convenience and were very attracted to the feel of the material in particular.

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(Above Image Source: Tatiana Ilina)

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