Jina Kang Exercise 9

After his long hours were finished at the construction site, he headed for the store.

Since his wife left him, he has been cooking and cleaning around the house by himself.

He wasn’t looking for anything special at the store, just picking what was needed or some stuff that went moldy in his fridge.

Instead of getting a water bottle for his dusty water purifier, he bought coke and some beer. he hardly drinks water now. It was because he was too

lazy to get a cup from his sofa, and he didn’t wanted miss a second of his shows. so he preferred canned carbonated beverages.

Then he finally got a new work overalls. The only overalls that he has been wearing it for a year was no

good anymore after enduring hard labor from his work site.

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  1.   Michael Erdmann Says:

    How does the image fit with the narrative?

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