Min Jee Love/Hate [exercise5]

Love:  Electronic dictionary is truly one of my favorite gadgets to use because it helps me look up definitions of new words efficiently and saves me time from flipping through the pages of a paper dictionary. My dad purchased this electronic dictionary from Korea for my birthday gift four years ago. It is a black and white CASIO dictionary. The only inconvenience is that you would not be able to see anything in the dark since it does not have a self illumination feature. At the time when I first received this electronic dictionary, I had no idea how convenient and helpful this would be. When I first came to Canada and started school, I found the dictionary very helpful as it not only allowed me to search every word in an English based dictionary, but it also allowed me to look up definitions of new English words in other languages such as, Chinese and Korean. Another specialized feature is the calculator, which has all the basic components an ordinary calculator would have.  Considering the Trade-Off between flexibility and usability, my electronic dictionary has less flexible design than any other recently released electronic dictionaries, but it is specialized so that it functions very effectively in one particular area: finding words and translations. Therefore, it is more usable since it is simple and less complex than the newer electronic dictionaries with more bells and whistles. Contemporary dictionaries, as shown in the picture, require larger sets of design, complexity, longer time, and more money for development. Also these are being developed as multipurpose devices that can be used for games, videos, and also serve as cameras or mp3 players. They function almost like cell phones without the ability to text messages and place calls. Since I only use my version of the electronic dictionary mainly for translations and looking up definitions, I only need to recharge the device once or twice a year. More recent electronic dictionaries have features that allow to be recharged through a computer USB adaptor. However, the recent electronic dictionaries require more battery power to support various features, and thus, it needs to be recharged more frequently as people are tempted to use it for many other entertainments. In this sense, recent dictionaries have more flexibility, but are less usable for people who use electronic dictionaries mainly for looking up the words.  Also, according to the principle of Forgiveness, a design that helps prevent errors and provide sense of security is also built in to my black and white dictionary. There is a “history” section where you can go back to find which specific words you have searched before so that you do not need to search for them again.

Hate:  I have always had a hard time using this remote controller for my dad’s old audio. This is something that I hate, and yes it might be because it is too old, ugly, and is the only audio remote controller at my house and it is hard to recognize what is written on the remote controller; white letters are written on a grey background. So every time I try to use the remote controller, I press the wrong key and the audio functions in a totally different way. For example, it would randomly turn up the volume when I want to mute the audio. Visibility is an essential factor of usability. Usability of an object will improve if the status and method to operate the object is clearly and visibly stated. In this remote controller’s case, it is not very usable because the letters written on it is not visible and does not indicate clear status.

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