Project Two: Toy Proposal.



1. The Remote control climbing gorilla. This guy can be controlled to walk and climb almost anywhere in the average household. His hands and feet are suction material so he is able to walk up walls, climb up posts and even walk along the ceiling! He is fuzzy and cute, and with the remote control you can bring him to life to become your new best primate friend.

2. Human Anatomy Doll. It would be amazing to have a handsome man doll to play with, one who listens intently, but one who also keeps you guessing. Human Anatomy Doll comes apart starting with the skin, down to the veins, then muscles, organs and skeleton. Your job is to put him back together again while learning the proper anatomy of your own insides.

3. Roy’s Paint Pen. When deciding on a colour palette don’t you wish it was just as easy as chosing a prime or secondary colour, pressing a button and have it right at the tip of your brush ready to mix? Roy’s paint pen has all the colours of the rainbow, just press a button and a spot of paint will come out. It’s easy to use, and easy to refill with your own paint. Handy tool for painters that are just beginning or painting experts.


Tired of the average doll? The boring figure that moves it’s arms and legs around to a limited choice of poses? Do you find a lack of life in your life-like friend? It’s time to take dolls to the next level…the next state of being…the zombie state. Introducing the Zombie Anatomy doll. He can be your new best dead friend, and he will teach you all about the anatomy of a zombie! You can take him apart, re-arrange his arms and legs, open up his chest and see his organs, take them out to play. All parts are magnetic, as well as the opening chest. Doll comes with red paint so you can decorate him with wounds and blood stains! Collect several different dolls and parts as there are several different versions. Girl Zombie, Zombie Teacher, Zombie Police, etc. Improvements include rubber material for body production, and zombie clothing. Barbies are so last year!

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