Proposal of The Box -Heejae Choi

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Who doesn’t like a TV?

Since we like it, why don’t we make it more useful to us rather than letting people call it a stupidity box?

Why do some people call televisions, stupidity boxes? Because they think TVs do not help us to organize, decorate or get something done in time. TVs are not interactive except when you laugh because you feel like you need to.

This product, called The Box, will resolved these problems. People wouldn’t get zoned out when they are watching at TVs now on. Instead, they can turn the channel by the round button on the right side of the TV, and organize their schedules.  On the belt behind the scene, you can put pictures, blank pages or any of other things you want to see on the screen of the TV.

When people tried to play with The Box, people seemed to be scared of its fragility due to the limit of materials of the product made with. However, when people see the parts and the button, they get the idea and you need to turn the button around right away. Then second reaction is looking at the parts behind the screen and commenting about them.

Because it is made out of cardboards, it is not perfect and wheels do not turn very smoothly, but if I could make this with more precision and other material, like plastics, the problem should be solved right away.  Also I have make it easier to change the paper belt for the users since it is very tight and has a limit right now to rotate around the screen. However, the major problem is getting the wheels jointed together every time.

Turning buttons around and belt moving are always fun! Especial when you can turn the buttons yourself, create the TV screens, and draw or mark on them right away. The Box will make your desk the most fun place than ever.

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