Shopping Narrative – Anna

Receipt #9

Lily loved her husband, Jim, more than anything else in the world. Everyday, she cooked him his favourite meals and served him his favourite snacks. With every breakfast, Lily cut precisely 8 slices of pears to accompany his favourite banana pancakes, arranged just the way he liked them. For dinner, the meats usually varied, but Lily always made sure to cook broccoli with perfectly seasoned Basmati rice. He wouldn’t touch any other kind – once, she’d tried serving him Thai Jasmine rice for some change in his diet, and he refused to touch it. Lily always smiled at the memory, of Jim’s stubborn face as he stared daggers at the exotic rice. Finally, every evening, right before bed, Lily prepared some mint tea with an array of thin crackers and set them before Jim’s favourite lounging chair. Lily knew her husband like she knew the back of her hand – an aspect of herself she took great pride in.

On one particular Sunday, Lily’s daughter, Ofelia, was dropping by for a visit. While Lily was preparing breakfast, Ofelia made her way to her mother’s apartment, her son in tow, and his favourite toy car in hand. Ofelia intentionally made a rowdy entrance to let her mother know she’d arrived. Lily called out that she was in the kitchen; naturally, Ofelia followed her voice. Upon entering the kitchen, however, she came to a halt.

“Mom…” Ofelia started “…who’s that extra plate of food for?” Lily looked up at her daughter with a pleasant smile as Ofelia directed her gaze at the fourth plate of sliced pears and banana pancakes.

“Well, for your father, of course!” Lily replied, a bemused expression plastered on her face. Surprised at her mother’s words, Ofelia blinked twice and took a moment before answering.

“But…dad died two years ago.”

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  1.   Michael Erdmann Says:

    This feels a bit forced… if you’re going to try to surprise us with a big ending, try to make sure that the other details really fit.

  2.   Anna Golinski Says:

    I’m not sure I know what you mean.

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