The product that will put 8am back on the clock

Mornings suck. This is a fact. This product will make your mornings suck less. This too is a fact.

We know, you want to make your mornings go away entirely. We can’t do that for you. But thanks to this new morning companion, you’re one step closer to ultimately conquering that evil time before noon.

Thanks to this little guy, your morning routine will never be the same. You know when you think of something on your way into school? Of course you don’t. It’s morning, there’s no way you could remember these things. If you had a coffee mug you could write and doodle on however, this wouldn’t be the case. Owning this mug brings you one step closer to being a functional part of society.

The Dry Erase Travel Mug combines old school wipe board technology with a welcoming mug to create a morning companion for just about anybody.

People who love the dry erase travel mug:

  • artists/designers
  • forgetful people
  • people who drink coffee
  • people who can write
  • people who like to write on things
  • people who make lists
  • people who love to doodle
  • your mom

and many, many more.

Real life users of this mug call it “fun”, “thought provoking”, “creative” and “entertaining”. An everyday user adds “it’s as addictive as the coffee in it!”

This revolutionary product is also handy as all hell. Lose things often? Don’t worry, the mug will work with any standard dry erase marker and the built in marker holder will accommodate writing utensils of all sizes. You’ll never need to worry about this mug being forever a blank canvas…unless you’re into that kind of thing.

The Dry Erase Travel Mug is the only legitimate way to wake up. Get yours  and show 8am who’s boss.

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  1.   Anne Says:

    Awesome. Where can I get one?

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