Toy- final proposal

(picture to be added when space is available)

Prototype and Observation.

The prototype is inspired by a piece of Swiss cheese and mice going through it. The point of the mice going through is to balance the toy, and by this it should test rationing skills.

However, the toy was not very successful with adults. It was unclear as to weather one should position the Cheese and how to put the mice in. Most people simple put the wooden cylinders into the block of Cheese with the Cheese resting horizontally on the table; instead of resting it vertically which was the balancing edge. In this sense, the people that tried the toy found it engaging only for a few seconds as they tried to do the simple cylinder-to-carved-cycle action, much similar to a toddler’s shape sorter. Most people however, found the shape and colour of the cheese intriguing, which gives potential for a transition into something that an adult would enjoy. ¬†And so the focus shifts into attention to aesthetics and interactions that will compliment it such as functionality rather than a balancing game.


By incorporating the initial balancing action of the Cheese there could be an option if added with some sort of functionality. A possible option would be creating a key holder that is set on a nail on a wall that balances. The more keys that the person adds the more it would tilt to one side or the other. This is far more successful than the initial prototype as it would demonstrate a set standing of the Cheese and the different weights of the keys would incorporate to the puzzle of balancing. It would not necessarily be engaging for a long period of time but it would be a constant or daily small game of balance. Unless of course there are many keys and different weights, which then the user would have to balance them all out.

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