Toy Proposal – Min Jee Kim

Prototype and Proposal

Cooking can be very dull especially for parents who cook most of the time to prepare meals for their children. Staying at home and cooking may not require a lot of energy, but it does require a considerable amount of time from preparing the raw food to combining the right ingredients and this process may make the whole cooking experience to be rather boring. However, if you have the salad ball in your kitchen, this will make your cooking life more interesting. Whenever you get bored while cooking, you can always take out the salad ball and start making your own choice of salad. You do not need any stirring or mixing using your hands as this can be done by putting all the prepared ingredients inside the salad ball and passing it or rolling it around. You can also put a variety of your favorite sauces using different recipes to make up your customized salad meal. It is also very lightweight and portable. The great thing about salad ball is that not only parents, who cook for their children can have fun making salads, but regular students like us, who enjoy having salads as meals or snacks, can now transform the less fun stirring and mixing process into a more entertaining passing and rolling a ball process. If you think about it, it’s quite beneficial for your health since you can engage in light exercises such as, passing or rolling the ball around while preparing a healthy meal.


The only drawback of using the salad ball to create a customized salad is the necessary step that needs to be taken after creating your own choice of salad. If you decide to create your salad with sauces, after you use the salad ball, the interior of the ball will have tiny pieces of salads and the interior wall of the ball will be smeared with sauces. People would only use the salad ball once and throw it away if they feel like they are not able to clean the interior of the salad ball. The model needs to be re-designed to improve the cleaning experience after using the salad ball. This can probably be done by designing the ball to open in half to make it easier to clean properly.

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