volunteers to help the development team

So, after I left class on Friday, it started to sink in how (over) ambitious I was.

I was just wondering if there would be anyone willing to help cut photo paper and load it into the cameras. This doesn’t take any knowledge of film photography, it just has to be done in a dark room (could probably use the class room or another room for this).

If anyone has any ideas on the subject, or would like to volunteer, drop me a line.



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  1.   Dayna Bronwyn Griffiths Says:

    I’d be willing to help out with that. Maybe Jesse knows of a room that we can just black out (and use Reid’s red light)? That would be good, so multiple people can help with loading, without having to buy a bunch of darkroom cards.

  2.   Tatiana Ilina Says:

    I’d be willing to help with that as well. When are you planing to do this, Friday right after the class? Make sure that Raid is bringing the red light and we can use any empty room. I think there are also a couple of rooms in the library intended for group studying and meeting (but I’m not quite sure about that)….

  3.   Gran Walker Says:

    Hi my darling. Love your photo at the top of the page. I wish I could help out and cut the paper for you. Hang in there, Kid!

  4.   Ainura Says:

    I can also help cutting these boxes (plus I’m really curious to see what’s inside lol)
    And Tanya, I think that will be on Saturday, after 3 pm, not on Friday…

  5.   Ainura Says:

    Yeah, Tanya, you were right 😉

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