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Do you guys like this one or do you prefer the old one?

I found a theme that has orange and black in it. The orange doesn’t really match our logo, but I could use the black logo on the site and the title will still have orange in it. Maybe the person who creates the final round logo can send me a copy to (the current one was taken from the blog)

Also I’m pretty horrible with words, so does someone want to write the ‘About Us/Exhibition Date’ info? (doesn’t have to be long)

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  1.   Tatiana Ilina Says:

    I think this one is better. I was also going to propose BUENO theme, because it has red-orange circles with dates which resemble our pinhole camera club logo… But they both work well anyway.

    I’m more concerned about header… can we change it so it would be more relevant to our intervention (to something like abstract black and white image of pinhole camera with red and turquoise color incorporated or something like that).
    If yes…

    Danijel, it is something for the graphic team to think about. But it’s not an emergency and I guess can be done after the actual project will be finished on Saturday. Or if you’re too busy with other stuff I can help you out. just let me know.

  2.   Danijel Says:


    I agree the header image should not be in colour. A black and white photo thats really Lo-Fi with the appropriate typeface and colour for the text should work just as well.

    Tatiana, I dont understand. Are you saying we should ad an actual image of the pinhole camera itself? Or what I just said.

  3.   Danijel Says:

    IF we cant get the website to look like our logo, I can easily change the logo and typefaces to be in the darker orange and in helvetica.

    I think its important for the site to look like our graphic appearance.

  4.   Tatiana Ilina Says:

    I was talking about the actual image of the pinhole camera (probably the one that we are going to make) with some kind of graphics…
    But now I’m thinking that you are right and just b and w photo will be enough and it is more interesting to look at. Especially if it will be one of the photos that will be made in the park…

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