Ainura Nifdalieva-Experience Evaluation Excercise

Secret Balloons                                                

Along with other interventions,Secret Balloons experience was taking place in Trinity Bellwoods Park  on April 2nd,2011 at 12:00 . The field full of colourful balloons that were attached to the ground and risen up to the air, immediately captured people’s and children’s attention at the park. When curious observers were coming closer, they were informed by the organizers that these “secret ballons” are placed in the park in order to collect people’s secrets that are supposed to be written by them on the paper joined to  each balloon. Same rules applied to children, in spite of the fact that they didn’t know how to write; their parents were writing their secrets/wishes for them on the paper and children found this activity pretty engaging. However, when several mothers asked if these balloons can be given away, the organizers were trying to explain that they will be happy to release “secret balloons”, but it can be done only after 15:00. People around the park were not only participating in this intervention, but also were enjoying the view and taking pictures. The observation showed that some participants were giving a serious approach to this “game” and wrote their real secrets such as ” I really miss my boyfriend because he doesn’t call me anymore”, “I’m afraid to die alone” , “I wanna wish to my family always to be healthy”. The experience engaged people of different age and all of them were having a great time at Trinity Bellwoods Park. As was mentioned above, organizers refused to give balloons to participants during the experience until it’s done; however, the interaction was finished around 14:00 and because there was nobody anymore who would want to  have these balloons, organizers had to pope them all.

Click here to view Secret Balloons Experience video (updated  version)

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