Reid and I talked and since the photo’s turn out aren’t so great; we are thinking of not displaying them either in the restaurant of the lomography store. An option we came up with is that if we still decide to display them would be to make a collage and display them somewhere in OCAD. Reid suggested a small collage to put up somewhere. If we as a group decide this is a good idea please comment, and maybe I can get Jesse to get us some wall space?

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  1.   Tatiana Ilina Says:

    I think, to display photos is a great idea and if we cannot do it neither in the restaurant nor in the lomography store, let’s do it in OCAD. Many OCAD students were taking pictures with our cameras I’m sure they would be interested to see the results.
    And Laura as I told you before I’m sure OCAD students will be able to enjoy and appreciate that kind of imagery )))
    In short I’m for displaying the photos in ocad. But we should decide it as a group so let’s see what other ppl think…

  2.   Dayna Bronwyn Griffiths Says:

    Yes, I do still think the photos have the potential to be made into an interesting display.

  3.   Kaitlin MacLean Says:

    a lot of people put a lot of work into this project, I think we should definitely see it through to the end and display them! I’m all for a display anywhere, OCAD would work.

  4.   Ainura Says:

    I also, think that we should scan them first and upload to our website since all participants will be checking the website. I wouldn’t display them in restaurant too, they look way too abstract ))) But making a collage/ board is a good idea!!!!

  5.   Laura Nohemi Herrera Cisneros Says:

    I agree, I think that a collage would look very cool.

    okay so then we’ll display them at OCAD if Jesse can get us some wallspace somewhere.

    I will e-mail him and see if we can make this happen by Friday 🙂

  6.   jjackson Says:

    Hi all,

    Sorry, I can’t officially book wall space anywhere on that short of notice. I recommend appropriating some space near 605 so that, at the very least, we can all see the photos that turned out on Friday.


  7.   jjackson Says:

    I can try to make arrangements for space in a 2D cabinet after Friday. To be discussed.

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