Final Toy Proposal

Cooking is a pastime enjoyed by many, however in today’s fast-paced society many are grabbing a quick bite to eat rather than taking time and cooking for their family. Building blocks for adults aims to promote fun in the kitchen again. These magnetic blocks can serve as both a fun toy and as a useful storage option for one’s spices and seasonings. The magnetic blocks can be attached to one’s fridge and can be filled with what ever spices are popular in the household. The user can quickly grab a spice (block) off of the outside of the fridge, saving time in one’s busy schedule and allowing the cooking process to be a fun experience rather then one simply feeling as though they are slaving over a hot stove.

The blocks can be purchased individually to allow consumers to collect and grow their collection. The blocks are also available in a wide array of colors to allow consumers to choose colors to coordinate with their kitchen décor. As well, the colors can be used to differentiate spices so the cook can quickly identify the desired spice needed for the recipe.

The blocks have a dual purpose as they serve as an excellent storage and organization option for spices as well as a refrigerator magnet, which can be used to attach notes or shopping lists to the fridge. The blocks can also be used as a graphic focal point in the kitchen where the user or guests could rearrange the magnet blocks into a design, pattern or picture. The blocks can also be organized for certain recipes, certain blocks can be kept together if they are always used for specific recipes such as one’s favorite chicken dish etc.

When the prototype was created, users responded positively to the design. Users enjoyed the freedom of the design and the options for creativity. Users also felt the design was fun and enjoyed rearranging and playing with the blocks.

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