Tree of Anonymity: Anna, Talisa, Lauren, Eman, Debbie, Katie

Secret (ish) documentation will also be taking place so as to extend the life of this project but we don’t want to discourage participants from taking part or make them uncomfortable with cameras obviously in view.

It is important for the class to monitor the leaf-cards as they’re being hung, as well as make sure each participant gets an information card.

Attraction: brightly-coloured leaf-cards that hang from multiple trees will peak interest/curiousity from passersby; the class could also be wearing a distinct colour t-shirt to make it obvious that an event is going on

Entry: self-explanatory instructions; a table will be set up beside a tree with leaf-cards and writing utensils ; a question will be written on a large card and left on the table for people to answer

Engagement: answering controversial/personal questions by writing them on the cards provided; taking those cards afterwards, and letting each participant hang their answer on whichever branch/spot on the tree they prefer

Exit: select classmates will ensure that each participant receives an information card that lets them know where they can learn more about the ubran intervention project and where they can see their responses, along with the others

Extension: a website will be set up so that everyone who participated can see the project as a whole and how they took part in it; also, the documentation team will compile all the appropriate responses and post them on the website; videos and pictures of the even will all be up as well

The budget is small for this project. We would only require buying bristol to cut the leaf-cards out and printing x number of information cards to hand out. Afterwards, these leaf-cards can be made up into some kind of mural/art project as a method of recycling.

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  1.   Anna Golinski Says:

    I apologize for the lateness of this post, but I had problems with it last week, then forgot about getting it posted with everything that needed to be done for Saturday’s urban intervention.

  2.   jjackson Says:

    No problem Anna, that’s fine.

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