Exercise 1 – Introduction

March 6, 2011

Katie Fraser

Material Art & Design

To ask where I think I’ll be or what I think I’ll be doing in 10 years from now is asking quite a lot. There really isn’t any way to know what the future holds, but what I hope for and what I will work towards is success. I think whatever is meant to be will be, however long (or short) that may take.

Technology and I usually do not get along. I’m a patient person, but for some reason I have very little patience when it comes to all things technological. That said, I am trying to increase my tolerance and patience for the love of design……sort of.

(As they say [and what I like to believe]…..Better late then never!)

Introduction: Reid Langille, Industrial design

February 10, 2011

In ten years from now I will probably be teaching either high school wood shop or something at OCAD and working on the side as a designer. While I enjoy design, at this point in my life I do not see design as a reliable career choice.

I don’t really like modern electronic technology; I hate computers and will do anything to get out of having to use one. I do however like anything mechanical, and I like things where I can analyze the problems and see how they work.

Introduction: Queenie Chan

January 24, 2011

Hello, my name is Queenie Chan and I am a 1st year Illustration student.

Ten years from now, I see myself doing illustrations because I have always enjoyed drawing. To be fair, that’s very vague, but I hope that with my experiences here at OCAD will help me find what it is I want to do in life, whatever it may be. One thing that I’d look forward to would be travelling to different places and seeing different things.

Technology-wise, I have some experience with a variety of image-editting software including animation programs like Flash. I also know a bit of MIDI software and HTML/CSS script.

Tanya Ilina

January 23, 2011

Hey guys!

My name is Tatiana Ilina, but I usually go by Tanya. I’m ED student.

In 10 years from now I definitely want be an architect, researching and working on the projects that will make the Earth a better place to live (and not only for human beings). I’m fascinated by the biomimicry field of studies and I’d like to go deeper into the knowledge of the biological systems, models and processes and apply this knowledge to my work. After 10 years I hope I’ll have something to say to the new generation of people and knowledge to share with them; and at this point teaching at least one course would be a great opportunity to share my knowledge and keeping in touch with new generations.

Regarding my relationships with technology… I’m pretty enthusiastic about all new technologies although I can handle them on the level of interaction model and absolutely have no clue what’s inside my system unit or how my camera actually works. So far I was working with images mostly. Among software I’m comfortable with Adobe Photoshop + Bridge (quite a handy addition); I’ve been using them for several years so here I’m on the solid ground. I have basic understanding of Illustrator (absolutely love pen tool and vector graphics); can handle DSLR camera and software  like MS Office. I have never dealt with videos though; so I’m quite happy that will need to make some during this course…

Introduction: Ainura Nifdalieva

January 22, 2011

Hi, my name is Ainura and I’m in a first year Environmental Design program. 10 years from now I hope to have a bachelor degree from OCAD U and  to do  my master degree in Architecture. Also, I imagine myself working in my own studio, with wide windows and a high ceiling. In the meantime, I would love to work on  major projects that would transfigure big cities  ( including Toronto); Toronto Subway is a first place I would modernize and give an aesthetic look. I believe that ” Beauty Will Save The World”. Technology…, I’m comfortable using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Photoshop…Hopefully I can add more into my list very soon since I have a willingness to gain more knowledge in technology.

Introduction: Laura Herrera-Cisneros

January 21, 2011


Hi, I’m Laura Herrera-Cisneros. I am currently taking Industrial Design

  • It is hard for me to see myself so far in the future, so here goes it goes (if everything goes according to ‘plan’) I see myself living in Sweden, or Mexico and I want to design for the disabled, but I am also interested in toys. I would like to also do illustration because I hope to get at least a little better at drawing in 10 years from now. But really I just want to design for the disabled. I think making lives easier and helping people will be fulfilling.
  • I’m terrible with technology. I can hardly operate my macbook. I have no idea of any technicalities, which is probably not a good thing since I am getting into something very technological in a sense. But I guess I’ll have to learn. Obviously as most people my age; I know how to use the internet, word, powerpoint and other simple programs like those.

Introduction: Heejae Choi

January 21, 2011

Hello, everyone 🙂

My name is Heejae Choi, and you can call me Heejae (Hee-Jay) or Heej (this slips smoothly out of your tongue).
I’m in Industrial Design.

In ten years…. hmmm…. frankly, I don’t see myself as an industrial designer at all since I haven’t gotten any chance yet to learn what ID is exactly about. What I actually see myself become is an animator at PIXAR! It’s uncertain, but I want to study 3D animation and apply to PIXAR if I have an opportunity in the future after studying design at OCAD.

I am not really sure about my levels, but I know how to use Photoshop, Fireworks, imovie, and MC office. Those softwares, I can deal with and if I get some troubles, I can easily get them solved by tutorials on the internet.

Introduction: Jessica Di Biase

January 21, 2011

Hey guys! My name is Jessica Di Biase and I’m majoring in Advertising. Also, although I rarely keep up with my readings, I enjoy art history and am thinking of maybe turning that into a minor. Ideally in ten years I see myself being the creator of my own design firm although I’m not exactly sure what type of design that will be yet. I’m hoping that after these four years at OCAD I’ll have that all figured out, but who knows.

As for my comfort level with technology, I use both Apple and PC computers regularly (Mac laptop and PC at work). I’m also pretty comfortable understanding the basics of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator but nothing much more than that yet.

Introduction: Josephine Lam

January 21, 2011

Hi, I’m I Lai Lam, otherwise known as Josephine. I’m in first year Graphic Design, but would like to switch to Illustration because I enjoy a more “hands-on” approach to art.

In 10 years, I see myself being married with three kids, living in Vancouver. I will work as a high school art teacher and travel around Europe with my family on holidays. I love children and have always wanted to be a teacher. I worked as an art assistant for a class of young children two summers ago, and it was lots of fun. I would like to be able to educate the younger generations in a freer way of thinking, allowing them to express their own unique ways of thinking through art.

I am not very good with computer technology and software, which is one of the reasons why I would like to switch from graphic design to illustration. I can do basic Photoshop skills but it can take me a while to learn new skills. I think it is great and very useful to be good at technology in the art world today, but for me, developing my own unique artistic style is the most important.

Introduction: Josef Scholbeck

January 21, 2011

Full Name- Josef Thomas Scholbeck VI

Preffered Name- Josef

Discipline- Industrial Design

Future- My main ambition after finishing university is to go into carpentry and someday take over running of the family lumber yard in Germany. The business has been in the family since its founding in 1840 and I would be the sixth Josef Scholbeck to run it. Ten years from now, I probably see myself living in Germany again, building and designing new finished wood products for the company as well as handling some administrative duties.

Technology- I prefer to do design work by hand so I’m not really up to speed on technology. I’m good with Microsoft Word,  Powerpoint and Paint and I am acquainted with older versions of AutoCad. Anything beyond that, like Photoshop or Illustrator, I have absolutely no knowledge of, but I am willing to learn them if I have to.

Introduction: Eunsung Lee

January 20, 2011

Although I planned to achieve a major in industrial design, I am currently considering switching major to environmental design. I see myself designing new cell phone models that are suitable for various age groups in the next ten years. If I get the opportunity to switch in majors to environmental design, I see my self designing a snug house for my family and parents.

I know the basic knowledge required for various software programs but do not know how to apply and make use of these software at a professional level. For example, I can handle limited skills on Adobe Photoshop and orthographic design program.

Introduction: Dayna Bronwyn Griffiths

January 20, 2011

Name: Dayna

Discipline: Industrial Design

Future: I cannot see a clear image of my future self but, at the moment, I can imagine that in ten years I will be designing and making accessories, such as jewellery, household decorations, and other such things that are used quite often, and surround us daily, yet are of no use.

Technology: I am fairly comfortable with experimenting with computer programs. I have had the most experience with creating and manipulating images on Photoshop, but I have had the most fun coding ActionScript in Flash to create short, interactive animations.

An Introduction: K8 MacLean

January 20, 2011

Hey guys, my names Kaitlin MacLean, but since there are so many Kaitlins in the word, I go by Kait and since everyone spells my name wrong anyway, I spell it however I like (most often either Keight or K8).

I’m in my first year of illustration here at OCADU, straight out of high school in Kingston, Ontario. I say Kingston, but really I’m from a small little hick town north-east of Kingston, complete with moonshine, fiddle music and drunk toothless guys with guns. I’m very glad to be living in Toronto and really don’t miss the hillbillies.

I think a lot about my future, and though I’ve always known what I wanted to do post-secondary, I’ve never fully figured it out past there. I love the fashion industry and would love to work as a fashion illustrator, but I’d really be happy just working as an illustrator in any way shape or form. I am sure, however, that I’d love to travel the world. My goal within the next ten years is to explore Europe.

Now here, I’m not going to lie. I’m okay with technology, but I’m no mastermind. I miss Windows XP, and have a strong hate on for Apple. The thing I dislike most about computers is that I like them, but they seems to hate me. That said, I can generally get myself out of a good jam on a computer (unless its a Mac, then I’m more likely to just glare at it in confusion). As an artist, I rely on computers a fair bit as I jump back and forth from traditional to digital media a lot ( mostly photoshop, though I have some knowlege of Painter and Illustrator) and make a lot of connections (artsy and otherwise) online.

I’m really looking forward to what this class has in store, and wouldn’t mind getting my hands dirty with some time based media thanks to a new found love of film.

Introduction: Jane Kim

January 20, 2011

Name: Igyeong (Jane) Kim

First year Advertising

In 10 years from now, I see myself living in New York. I might be working for a big advertising agency, or I could be working at one of New York’s art galleries. My major could be changed to Criticism & Curatorial Practice in second year, that’s why. So, I’m thinking about attending grad school in New York in order to accomplish my dream. 

I am not a big fan of technology, but I can handle basic stuff such as Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Windows Movie Maker. I cannot handle Illustrator at all, but can handle Photoshop a bit. I didn’t know how to use Photoshop at all in the beginning of 1st semester. I learned few little things on my way to 2nd semester. It’s hard and time consuming because I have to find a way to do it on my own. I just ask my friends if I can’t figure it out.

Exercise One: Blog Introduction

January 19, 2011

Your first task is to perform a number of administrative tasks that will help our section of Introduction to Experience Design run smoothly.

1) Log in to the blog. I have given all of you access and authorship permission on our course blog. Go to the blog, and log in with your usual OCAD username and password. We’ll go over the blog interface together in class as necessary.

2) Make a post to the blog. Include the following.

  • Your full and (if different) your preferred name.
  • Your OCAD discipline.
  • A photograph of you, that clearly shows your face. This is so that your colleagues and I can identify you.
  • A brief description of where you see yourself in 10 years. You may want to be a small-town architect, the next Karim Rashid, an art director in New York City, a freelance illustrator, or a textile artisan — or perhaps you don’t see yourself as a designer at all. Be honest, be bold, and be concise. Your answer to this question will help me tailor this course to your aspirations.
  • A brief description of your general level of comfort with technology, ranging from “I don’t have a clue” to “I’m an expert at the use of all software and hardware.” Be specific: name the software and hardware that you know, and how well you know it. Your answer to this question will help me tailor this course to your skills.

3) Curate your post. Presentation is always important in design. Publish the post, and see what it looks like. If you’re not happy with the spacing, the image quality, or the graphic composition of your post, revise it. Please visually curate all blog posts (and any other material) you make in the future.

Please title your post “Introduction: [your preferred name].” For example, my post would be called “Introduction: Jesse Colin Jackson.” Please check the box beside the “2.0 – Introductions” category provided. Please consistently follow these conventions for titles and categories in the future.

Exercise One is due at 12:00 on Friday, January 21.