Dayna’s Receipt

March 14, 2011

Shopping Narrative – Anna

March 14, 2011

Receipt #9

Lily loved her husband, Jim, more than anything else in the world. Everyday, she cooked him his favourite meals and served him his favourite snacks. With every breakfast, Lily cut precisely 8 slices of pears to accompany his favourite banana pancakes, arranged just the way he liked them. For dinner, the meats usually varied, but Lily always made sure to cook broccoli with perfectly seasoned Basmati rice. He wouldn’t touch any other kind – once, she’d tried serving him Thai Jasmine rice for some change in his diet, and he refused to touch it. Lily always smiled at the memory, of Jim’s stubborn face as he stared daggers at the exotic rice. Finally, every evening, right before bed, Lily prepared some mint tea with an array of thin crackers and set them before Jim’s favourite lounging chair. Lily knew her husband like she knew the back of her hand – an aspect of herself she took great pride in.

On one particular Sunday, Lily’s daughter, Ofelia, was dropping by for a visit. While Lily was preparing breakfast, Ofelia made her way to her mother’s apartment, her son in tow, and his favourite toy car in hand. Ofelia intentionally made a rowdy entrance to let her mother know she’d arrived. Lily called out that she was in the kitchen; naturally, Ofelia followed her voice. Upon entering the kitchen, however, she came to a halt.

“Mom…” Ofelia started “…who’s that extra plate of food for?” Lily looked up at her daughter with a pleasant smile as Ofelia directed her gaze at the fourth plate of sliced pears and banana pancakes.

“Well, for your father, of course!” Lily replied, a bemused expression plastered on her face. Surprised at her mother’s words, Ofelia blinked twice and took a moment before answering.

“But…dad died two years ago.”

[Exercise 9] – Min Jee Kim

March 14, 2011

Oh no! We spent hours making this hot wheel car track for our kid’s 8th surprise birthday party, but just realized that the most essential pieces to the car track are missing: toy cars!
We should buy some toy cars from the store along with some rice for the party and crackers and pears for dessert after the party. I think we will also need some tea to relax from all the hard work put in.

Exercise 9 – Katie Fraser

March 13, 2011

 reciept #6

if cats made their own decisions.

Exercise Nine: Grocery Narrative

March 12, 2011

It’s my first time.

receipt #14

Excercise 9

March 11, 2011

Josephine I Lai Lam

My list was – chicken satay salad and exotic tea.
This illustration is inspired by how much my boyfriend loves to eat (especially spicy food), and the fact that he will completely forget about my existence when there is food.

(Picture will be posted later)

Exercise 9- Jessica D.

March 11, 2011

The key to a killer cup of joe is that you have to grind up your coffee with a handsaw.

(picture coming soon…)

Exercise Nine -Heejae Choi

March 11, 2011

Receipt #3

Today is a BIG DAY. This guy from my work, I was interested in him ever since he started working here, but gosh! It was so difficult to just talk to him casually. I had no chance at all to get close to him.

But last night, after work, I was getting things organized and got out of work later than usual days, and who knew that he was waiting for me! Who knew!

We ended up going to a bar nearby and had a casual conversation, but when I went to washroom to check myself, I realized that I looked so BAD. Just plain bad! All the pimples and pores showing off around my T-zone, and I looked absolutely disgusting. What would have he thought about me? I decided that I had to get some emergency solution stuff right away after this.

Ex. 9

March 11, 2011

(uploading pics when space is available)

She would slip into her best dress tonight. She would do her hair into the soft curls that the bar tender loved; maybe he liked her?

Unsure as to which shoes to wear…thick heels or stilettos, which would make her legs look better? She realized a crutial thing.

She sprung from the ground ; the shoes she was holding flew over her shoulders.

Opened the drawer.   Shuffled… fake eyelashes, eyeshadow(of every possible colour) bronzer, strawberry lipgloss, blush, mascara.

where is it? where the hell is it?


I can’t go out like this, she though. So she grabbed the closest shoes she could find. Running shoes.

She ran as fast as she; the people in there knew her already. She would spend hours gazing and trying on every new line of make-up that came in.

A coverstick… “come on hurry up!!! five people ahead of me? this is crazy!”


Oh, and mints. What if the bartender wants to come close tonight?”

Jina Kang Exercise 9

March 11, 2011

After his long hours were finished at the construction site, he headed for the store.

Since his wife left him, he has been cooking and cleaning around the house by himself.

He wasn’t looking for anything special at the store, just picking what was needed or some stuff that went moldy in his fridge.

Instead of getting a water bottle for his dusty water purifier, he bought coke and some beer. he hardly drinks water now. It was because he was too

lazy to get a cup from his sofa, and he didn’t wanted miss a second of his shows. so he preferred canned carbonated beverages.

Then he finally got a new work overalls. The only overalls that he has been wearing it for a year was no

good anymore after enduring hard labor from his work site.

Ainura Nifdalieva- Exercise 9

March 10, 2011

Phone Conversation

– Haha… Yeah, last night was fun ! I’ve got home at 4 am…    

No he wasn’t here…You know he doesn’t like my lifestyle!

He calls me ” a cat woman” cause I don’t really care about

anything. Ahaha..he’s so creative though! He left all this cat’s

stuff along with some snaks: food, milk, even a cat litter.

I guess that’s how he shows his protest…But he’s gonna

come back soon! How do I know? Hmmm…

He’s got me only two packs of cigarettes and I have

nothing to smoke tomorrow…

Assigned receipt

Exercise 9- A meeting in a supermarket

March 10, 2011


 Receipt #15

-Forgot to pack my deodrant, need to get one before our BIG party tonight for ma LADIES.

-Anyone know what babies eat ? Should we ask those girls coming tonight to breast feed him?

Inspired by movie Hangover

Ex.9: A Meeting in a Supermarket – Tanya

March 10, 2011

– ???

–  NO, I’m not suffering from a severe depression or PMS, and my boyfriend didn’t dump me. I’m just preparing for Halloween!

More Milk

March 8, 2011

Here is the receipt:

Inspired by the short story “the Diamond Necklace” and unhappy married couples.

Exercise Nine: A Meeting in a Supermarket

March 4, 2011

This exercise is designed to continue to get you thinking in narrative, and about how narrative applies to user experience.

Using one of the attached grocery store receipts as your inspiration/evidence, create a narrative. Post your narrative to the blog. The narrative should consist of more than just prose — in fact, it need not contain any prose at all. Consider images, video, poetry and sound. Be creative! Here’s an example of a variety of possible responses to a single receipt.

Your receipt assignments (the page number) are as follows:

Meghan: 1
Queenie: 2
Heejae: 3
Jessica: 4
Eman: 5
Katelyn: 6
Lauren: 7
Talisa: 8
Anna: 9
Dayna: 10
Laura: 11
Tatiana: 12
Jina: 13
Melanie: 14
I Gyeong: 15
Min Jee: 16
I Lai: 1
Reid: 2
Inwoo: 3
Danijel: 4
Kaitlin: 5
Ainura: 6
Sara: 7
Josef: 8
Deborah: 9

Exercise Nine is due at 12:00 on Friday, March 11.