Hey everyone,
I missed last class so I’m kind of out of the loop right now – if anyone could give me a quick rundown that’d be great. I’ve been reading the posts and it seems like there’s a bunch of groups with different tasks so if any group could take me in that’d be awesome :’D (Sort of awkward singling myself out …)

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  1.   Sohyun Chun Says:

    Basically we came down to using the arrow ideas, and in class we suggested all different kinds of ideas and came up with this: following the arrows will lead the people in two different paths, and they can choose any they want. the two separate paths are FUN and EXPLORE. so we separated in to two groups, explore and fun group and we came up with activities that will actually take place on saturday. If you take a look, you can join the fun group and ive basically posted the idea for us. its not completely solid since we had a few problems but it should work out.. pretty much thats all, well probably discuss more in class on friday 🙂