Balloon & Bubble group!

hey guys Party packagers have deals for helium tanks or we can even order the balloons, ill try giving them a call but heres the site you guys can check out!

btw, does anyone have updates on decorating the trees and the bubbles?

7 Responses to “Balloon & Bubble group!”

  1.   jjackson Says:

    How are you recycling the balloons?

  2.   Mhairi Robertson Says:

    Can you guys call them as soon as for a rough budget. Send it to Kenny or post it on the blog we are sorting things out.

  3.   Caroline Van Says:

    cant we give the balloons away after?

  4.   Caroline Van Says:

    do some quick spray painting of our logo and give them away at the end

  5.   Caroline Van Says:

    also for this group do you mind making a quick list of the things we need to buy and assign people to go get them?

  6.   Alexandra Michiko Weaver Says:

    I was also thinking of giving away the balloons at the end. I can bring dish soap and normal balloons in case we need more to fill in the gaps.

  7.   Caroline Van Says:

    ..question how are we getting water for this bubble thing? is there some sort of water source in that place?