balloon Idea

Hi guys,

I’m starting to think the balloon idea will really work out. we can create two paths out of balloons; one explore, one fun. each paths will have its own balloon colour (say, fun is red and explore is green). then we can have questions or info written on it according to the groups. and eventually both paths leads to the final destination where the pin is (I assum).
as for the entry, I think we can make a balloon gate/arch. if its helium balloon, it shouldn’t be too hard.

the good thing about the paths is that we dont even need to make arrows. the balloons will serve as a directory

The Explore Group!

I think we need to have an idea about what we should do other than research. We need to make this exciting somehow.

I was researching earlier today about the lost Garrison creek. We can make the path go along where the creek once was and end at the crawford street bridge (balloon: “you are now on top of the Crawfors street bridge burried in 1930”) some thing like that.

Just a thought.


One Response to “balloon Idea”

  1.   Caroline Van Says:

    i feel like we need to make this as simple as possible like simple simple simple
    we need to make this happen in 3 days?

    so what i was thinking is just combine experience and fun together
    fun being the ballon and experience being the questions on the balloons
    we will keep the arrow idea since the arrow has been incorporated into our logo
    so we will just post arrows leading people through the park and the final destination is our giant balloon forest.
    arrows can have questions on them too

    i find this is easy to execute in a short amount of time, less work, the cost will prob be lowered
    (meaning increase in balloons LOL and pins) also the impact/concept is still there