hey guys, i calculated the costs roughly. The following charts will show the amount that i will be collecting depends on which budget we choose.

Please note that the final figure was multiplied by 2. It means that I will be collecting the money as shown, but we will only spend around half. The rest will be returned to you afterward.

If you found any mistakes or you have any suggestions/updates, you know what to do ;D also i’ll come to the meeting around 4

#1 200 buttons + small helium tank(100 balloons) + 2 packs of balloons(144) + 3 bubble gun

#2 200 buttons + large helium tank(200 balloons) + 3 packs of balloons(216) + 3 bubble gun

Kenny Jia
treasurer/documentation/ group fun
email: kennifer.j@gmail.com
facebook: Yizhan Kenny Ji
phone: 416-835-8192

2 Responses to “BUDGET”

  1.   Caroline Van Says:

    for sure 200 buttons? i’m gonna order them nooow

  2.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    yes! imagine 6 classes x 20ppl= 120
    we can give out 120 for sure and we get to keep 22 buttons for ourselves too