GUYS; everyone meet in the learning lounge tomorrow at 3 if you can make it. It’s really important that we get together and talk some of this stuff through.

I’m all in favour of narrowing everything down into balloons and/or bubbles. Can everyone else agree or disagree with this? As cool as it would be to have the logo printed on the balloons I don’t think it is necessary. Even if we all hand wrote a fact on the explore balloons or asked people to write their favourite part of the park on the fun balloons that would be really great.

We could still give out pins at the end. This would simplify everything and we don’t have a lot of time.

3 tomorrow in the learning lounge! I will see you all there!!

and to group explore; I’m sorry! I know we had a lot of our own ideas in the making but I don’t think we are going to be able to pull them off. Doing this would be better for all. If you guys disagree, please let me know but I think we should work with this. We could still create the historical park idea that we wanted by writing the facts on the balloons and placing them around the park.


2 Responses to “EVERYONE; MEETING TOMORROW & Idea Change”

  1.   jjackson Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Narrowing your experience down is a good idea. Don’t feel like you’re abandoning anything — you’re refining it. I agree that the Explore work will still play an important part.

    Good luck this afternoon, and see you Friday.


  2.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    guys, bring camera or camcorder so we can start documenting from now!!