Exercise Ten; Psychogeographic Mapping

A; Stumbled on the road, oops. right in front of the streetcar too.

B; Sat in the sun, enjoying the day

C; Took some photos. People eyed me awkardly. Probably thought I was taking photos of them.


E; some dog without a leash barked. People shot the tennis ball out of court.

F; Everyone here is pushing babies or dogs.

G; Some buds on trees!

H; Pack of runners. there are more dogs down the sink hole.

I; People stuffed flowers down the mouth of a random wolf sculpture. Confused.

J; Cool building, can’t figure out what it is. School maybe??

K; There’s tons of stuff inside this greenhouse. It’s like a little office.

L; “I have stuff to do, can we go? Want to call them?”

M; Leaving