FINAL BUDGET!!! $20/person


balloons( 3pack, 216): ————–$18


buttons(200): ————————$70


large helium tank——————–$75


printing cost(estimated):———–$30




                    193 x 1.13(tax) x 2÷22=$19.82


$/capital≈ $20

i think we’ll only be spending around $10, but just in case

Bring $20 to class tomorrow everyone!!!

Kenny Jia
treasurer/documentation/ group fun
facebook: Yizhan Kenny Ji
phone: 416-835-8192

3 Responses to “FINAL BUDGET!!! $20/person”

  1.   Amir Kavehei Says:

    Now group explore joined group fun, is the cost still the same or we need mor ballons?

  2.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    3packs is like 216 balloons, do you think that’s enough for both fun and explore?

  3.   Andrew Michael Walker Says:

    216 should be plenty of balloons.