IMPORTANT: What needs done / Group Meetings


It seem like not a lot has been happening and I think we seriously need to step it up a notch. Either everyone is insanely busy or Andrew’s right and we’re just not very good at posting on the blog, haha.


  • Can one representative from fun and explore who KNOWS what the spending is for their group meet with Kenny at some point? Get in touch with her, you guys should meet thursday LATEST.
  • Group Fun; We need a budget of what you are actually spending. PLEASE, can both bubble and balloon groups meet together to ensure we stay on track budget wise. I’m not sure how much a bubble machine, and helium tanks and the various other items will be but it sounds like a lot.
  • Group Explore; We are meeting on Thursday in the learning lounge at 3. PLEASE, have all your research done and know what you are doing within your groups (past and future).
  • General Design; Kenny, Caroline and I are meeting at 11 tomorrow in the learning lounge to talk about blog / button and arrow design. You’re welcome to stop by.


  • ARROWS; We think it would be best if each group make their own arrows. We will be coming up with sort of like arrow guidelines tomorrow so they will look related. Sort out who is making arrows within your own groups!!!!

Is there anything I am forgetting? GUYS, please please please use the blog and comment on this post with roles and issues. I’m sure everyone is working things out but we need to know what’s going on to function as a team.

Awesome, thanks!!

2 Responses to “IMPORTANT: What needs done / Group Meetings”

  1.   Shi Tong Li Says:

    for the explore team, i think we should decide who researches what so there is no repition or missing info

  2.   jjackson Says:

    I agree. . . keep posting updates to the blog!

    I will be very disappointed if you have not made any progress by Friday. Anyone who steps up to the plate with ideas, effort and enthusiasm will be rewarded. Anyone who hides in the shadows will not be. This is a great opportunity to take on a leadership role! You guys have lots of great ideas but you need to band together to execute them.

    I will be with you on Friday as an advisor but I will not take the helm of your ship. Divide and conquer.

    Don’t forget that everything you do needs to be recyclable, and that we can’t leave any waste in the park.