New idea

I think we should only have the balloon + bubbles idea;

instead of using helium, we can just buy a bunch of balloons and hang them on the tree on different levels using string to give the illusion that theres balloons floating everywhere, we can have some on wires and plant them to the floor as well.
and either below the tree or next to it, we can have the bubble station.

i think 2 packs of 72 will be enough to cover the tree. if anything, im sure we can grab more but i think 144 will be enough. I can pick them up tomorrow 🙂

here is an example of what it might look like, but itll be outdoors.

5 Responses to “New idea”

  1.   Caroline Van Says:

    i like this idea

  2.   Caroline Van Says:

    pick up white balloons or at least 1 colour of balloons please
    and thank you

  3.   Sohyun Chun Says:

    one colour? im not sure if they sell 72 packs of one colour but i can give it a try. do u think everyone agrees with one colour? it can defineately look neat tho, i know what you mean

  4.   Caroline Van Says:

    if not i dont think it will be a big deal
    but it would be cool

  5.   Andrew Michael Walker Says:

    It’s not a bad idea, and I did kinda want to hang them in the trees too, but one reason I want them to be helium is because we can give them away afterwards like the thought bubbles, right? Though, $74 plus the $100 deposit is well within budget, and 200 balloons will be plenty. If I’m the only one that thinks the thought bubble idea is worth it, then it’s fine, and we can go ahead with the regular balloons.

    And they definitely need to be one or at most two colours. If they’re multicoloured then it’ll look like some 7 year old’s birthday party.