Progress Report!

Hey andrew, everyone else is the fun group.
Here are some answers & the progress report;

– I’ll be ordering/picking up the balloons and helium tank
– Ordering from Party Packagers on Finch & another on Dufferin here is the address:

1225 Finch Ave. West At Alexdon Rd

39 Orfus Road

Marco and I agreed to goto party packagers to pick up the stuff, or I can even get a ride to grab the stuff.

– I’ll be picking up the tank, getting it to the park we may have to discuss!
– balloons come in the biggest pack of 72, and they are $5.99 each, its the regular balloons (9inch?)
– Money is abit of a concern because the cost came up to be more than i expected, if anything people who can meet before hand can collect money and we’ll get the rest on friday?


Helium tank rental:
MEDIUM : $74.99 – 200 balloons
SMALL : $54.99 – 100 balloons

* plus $100 deposit :/ & rental is for two days

^ thats the only concern because they require an extra $100 for deposit..

– string i think everyone can bring some from home, if anything there is also the dollar store! & as for weights we need to discuss. We’re trying to save as much money as possible.
– I’m not sure about the logo, ordering them will obv cost money
– I think Renars was on the bubble machine, we’re getting a bunch of small guns, not the machine, and we may to a giant inflatable pool of soap water and have some home made blowers (maybe with clothes hangers?)

* as for the rest, i haven’t been able to communicate with everyone on the group, but if anyone else has any progress report please please update us!! for instance what is happening with the decorating of the trees?

thanks guys!