Progress Report?

Another panic driven update from Andrew. Yay!

It looks like Mhairi, Kenny, and Caroline got some good work done. (I meant to go to the meeting too, but I slept in…) I love to logo! Anyhow, I thought I’d ask everyone for a finite status report, particularly for group Fun. I think we all need to know:

-WHO is actually ordering the balloons.

-WHO we’re ordering the balloons FROM.

-HOW exactly the balloon getting is going to work. Can they deliver the tanks on site? Are they going to deliver the balloons already filled?

-HOW MANY and WHAT SIZE balloons this person is ordering. (I assume the largest amount available)

-WHO is going to remember to bring money to PAY for them. (by the way, the answer is EVERYONE right?)

-WHERE we’re going to decide it needs to be (though I think it could work pretty much anywhere in the park.)

-WHAT ELSE we’re going to need. i.e., strings, weights, paint for the logo. (Can we order the balloons with the logo on them already?)

-BUBBLE MACHINE, what’s happening with that? Do we really need it?

-HOW MUCH TIME will we need to set up?

-WHAT can we afford to leave until Friday?

I’m mostly worried about the lack of communication. Only those aforementioned seem to be making regular use of the blog, and I don’t know who is doing what? I would order the balloons myself, but I don’t know if someone else already has. (Is this all being organized on facebook? I wouldn’t know. Someone tell me if that’s the case please.)

If any of these questions have already been answered, and I didn’t notice, I apologize. I often forget how to read. Please reply. If you want, email me at

One Response to “Progress Report?”

  1.   Caroline Van Says:

    judy is currently in charge of balloons you should talk to her. i’ll give her your email
    and she sent me this thought i should post it here
    hey guys heres the info on party packagers:

    Helium tank rental:
    MEDIUM : $74.99 – 200 balloons
    SMALL : $54.99 – 100 balloons

    * plus $100 deposit :/ & rental is for two days

    Balloons – packs of 72 – $5.99

    Strings i’m sure everyone can bring some from home. Lets try to save as much money as possible!