Project 3-Storyboard

Idea: Forest of Faces

After wandering around the Bellwood Trinity Park during exercise 10, I noticed that there were many trees planted all along the path areas. With the way society is today, tuning on Facebook and other social networks frequently, why can’t we do the same outside the internet? The idea is simple: we present the participants with blank cards and ask them to fill them out. On one side, the participant includes there age, gender and one thing about themselves (this could be a notable quality, an interest, a secret, the choice is up to them!) On the opposite side, they will be asked to create a display image of how they see themselves/portray themselves. This is not a portrait of how they appear, but rather how they feel/think/feel they appear to themselves. The display image can be anything, from a cartoon version of the person, to accessorized stick-men. They can portray themselves as animals or a bunch of random lines/colours (abstraction). For those who are not so confident in their artistic abilities, there is the option of writing a description, a piece of prose/poetry, or some random nonsense if they wish.

Once the participant is done and content with their identity card, we will hang it with the others, tied against the trees. The written information will be displayed towards the viewer, and when flipped over will reveal the “face” of the person whose information they have read.

This idea will attract the attention of pedestrians walking through the area and indulge them to investigate what the pieces of paper read. As they flip the paper over, expecting to see a picture of the person, they will instead see the personification of the individual.

The idea will boost creativity levels inside individuals and gives them the freedom of expressing who they are inside.