Project Name, and Meeting?

Hi everyone. Andrew here. Hope we’re all doing what we’re supposed to be doing. I myself am FREAKING out, but that’s okay.

Mhairi brought it to my attention that we don’t have a name (other than “Fun/Explore”) for our experience. People have told me I’m pretty good at naming things, so I thought I’d give it a try. So how do we all like the name “TBA” as in “Trinity Bellwoods Augmented” but it’s also a joke, as it more commonly stands for “To be Announced.” It’s funny right? No? Yeah. Oh well.

Anyhow. I checked through the posts, and I didn’t see anything about meeting, so I figured it would be a good idea to meet on, say, Wednesday, to check up on how we’re all doing. I doubt people are using the blog as effectively as I would hope… I’m specifically talking about the people working on bubble/balloons, but I urge the others to meet up too. I really want this thing to work out. So if you’re reading this please comment if you’d like to tell me when you’re available to meet. I am free all tuesday, wednesday and thursday. (Even though I’m probably not going to be awake until 3 pm… haha)

While I’m on the topic, I thought I might share some ideas.

I was thinking about how to better incorporate the balloons. I agree with Jesse that they don’t seem particularly park-y. But Kenny had a cool idea that the balloons could be like word balloons, y’know, like in comics. Now THAT got me thinking. It might take a little more effort, and I’d like to discuss this in person with the balloon team, but we could entirely white balloons, and write a variety of what-if questions in them. And there could be a variety of fun/exploring sorta questions. Like, imagine one balloon says “What if there were no parks?” and another that says “what if hamburgers ate people?” Then, at 3:00, we give out the balloons to the park-goers, and they act like thought bubbles, showing what that person is “thinking” about as they walk down the street with their balloon. Get it? This also solves the waste problem. Any leftover balloons we can just pop for fun. Or I’ll take them. I would love to fill my house with balloons. XD I think it could work.

This leads me to think that we can use the balloons like arrows. The balloons that say fun things could be over in one direction, and the deeper questions could be in another?

Sorry if I’m being too pushy with these balloons. I’m just getting really excited about the ideas.

Okay I’ll be quiet now.

6 Responses to “Project Name, and Meeting?”

  1.   Caroline Van Says:

    LOL i like the thought bubbles idea 😀 idn thats just me
    your not alone on the “wanting this to work” thing haha

  2.   Mhairi Robertson Says:

    LOVE the balloon idea!! Maybe keep the questions park related though. Group balloons needs to look into how to do this.

  3.   Caroline Van Says:

    so they’d be thought bubbles with questions right? or just questions?

    hey andrew. would you mind being in charge of this?
    i’ll tell judy that you would like white balloons

    oh. an idea is that we just spray paint the questions and thought bubble on when we go to the park
    (of course we will be there early anyways setting up)
    so you’d just have to make a stencil of the thought bubble / question and on the day of we will spray paint it (idn any better ideas?)

  4.   Caroline Van Says:

    also each balloon doesnt have to be a different question we can use 1 question ooor we can use say…5 questions have them repeat

  5.   jjackson Says:

    A thought that might really throw a wrench in your plans: what if you threw your entire effort behind this balloon idea? It’s much cleaner and simpler, and it seems like it could incorporate everything that you’re after.

    I don’t object to you reducing the scope of your efforts. This might be a good idea. Make things simpler for yourselves!

    Could the arrows lead to different groups of balloons with different types of questions, some fun and some exploratory? And the last group asks everyon the same question: “What if there was no TB Park?” This would make your experience more “psychogeographic” in nature. More disorienting and mysterious.

  6.   jjackson Says:

    Meeting today (Wednesday) seems like a great idea.