Project Three: Concept Proposal (Storyboard)

Since the late 60’s, people have used this common, household medium to express a variety of feelings: the mixtape.

This concept is something like a trade-off. Where people submit their own mixes in exchange for those of strangers. The Barter Box not only works to expand peoples’ knowledge of music, but it may also be used to promote local musicians.

By setting up a communal Bartering Box, music lovers are given the chance to not only share their own tastes with their neighbours, but also to explore and discover new sounds, and possibly a new favourite artist!

My scenario:

Terry the no-sleep sketcher is looking to promote her new, experimental band, all while needing a few new tracks to listen to on her commute to school. So it’s off to the Bartering Box!

Here’s how it works:

Retrieve it!