Project Three: Idea Post (p3)

I came up with an extensive list of ideas but I found this to be the strongest and moderately interesting for us and the viewer.


So in my idea I wanted to to create a space where the person will enter the park and immediately feel uncomfortable and question what is happening. Also I wanted the person to experience it throughout their walk in the park, not just for 3 secs or so.

My idea is to turn the park into a giant living space. Each bench will become a bed or “room” and each will be occupied. I also had an idea that will incorporate the giant hole in the middle of the park. We should string long ropes from one side of the hole to the other, creating a laundry line. By doing this, it gives the project a feeling of ¬†having the Whole park inhabited not just the benches and it also gives the project some variation. ¬†(also the tennis court or the skating rink can also be turn into some sort of rooms)

When the person walks into our environment he will feel confused and sort of disoriented. When people think of or encounter homeless people it tends to make them uncomfortable. If we create hobo heaven this will triple the uncomfortable feel.

Hobo are usually “intruding into our space”. This time we reversed the role. We are now intruding into their space

* hobo heaven will be an elaborate set of of a living space. It will not be realistic