Project Three; Money / Documentation / Final Station

Hi all,

There were a couple of loose ends today which are worth talking about. Kenny has volunteered to be the treasurer so she will be collecting money from everyone next week. If all the groups could figure out roughly what they will be spending and send that to her / post it on the blog that would be GREAT. Her and/or Jesse will let you know how much to bring for next friday!

In terms of the final station… I know we didn’t talk about that a lot. I like the idea of buttons we just need to see how we could do that. Handing out business card type things would be really easy. Would anyone like to help out with this? Kenny and I will be getting together to build up the website/blog this week. Ideally the logo / type / sign would match, right? It would be great if someone would like to help organize the buttons!

If anyone else is interested in helping to document the event, let me know. We have two photographers and two people willing to videotape so far. Blog building will commence early next week so let me know soon if you want to help.

On a different note, what are we calling this experience? Is fun/explore temporary or permanent?

Awesome guys! Sorry if I’m overloading you with stuff, haha.

My number is 416 948 2327, feel free to get in touch if there are any emergencies.

13 Responses to “Project Three; Money / Documentation / Final Station”

  1.   Hilda Lam Says:

    Can I be one of the photographer?

  2.   Mhairi Robertson Says:

    Everyone is welcome to take pictures! After the event we can upload them and sort through which we want to go on the website.

  3.   Mhairi Robertson Says:

    We do need you to run your station though. If you have a free moment feel free to take pictures. We already have two photographers and two people videotaping the event ‘officially’.
    We still could use some extra hands with the buttons/cards and website if you’d like!!

  4.   jjackson Says:

    My other class told me that there’s a place on queen street that makes buttons quite cheaply. But cards would also work. I think the advantage of the buttons is that, as Andrew pointed out, it’s more “fun.” It’s also more poignant, so it suits the explore theme as well.

    Check out:

    Buttons that celebrate a location, in a playful way!

  5.   jjackson Says:

    In general, I think that it will be important that your various stations be strongly tied together with graphics and language.

    What if the final gift said something like “Trinity Bellwoods Park: fun to explore. What if we didn’t have Trinity Bellwoods? Come visit your fun and exploring at” Or, if you don’t make a website, maybe you cut the last sentence. But you need to find a way to tie everything together and keep it site-specific: it’s the park that permits the fun and the exploring.

  6.   Mhairi Robertson Says:

    I think doing the buttons is a great idea! Yes, we’re going to keep this all tied together. I am going to get those in charge of designing the website to design the buttons as well, so they match. I will meet with both the fun group and the explore group to keep things together.

    We still have not decided on an official name for the experience. Suggestions?

  7.   Caroline Van Says:

    i’m ok with doing the buttons. whats my job? finding a place to do the buttons? and help design the buttons?

  8.   Mhairi Robertson Says:

    That would be awesome, Caroline! You might want to ask someone else to help you with it, not sure how much work it will be. But yes, that’s pretty much what your job will be.
    I checked out the link Jesse left us with but I didn’t see a page on custom button making… Hmm…

    I will add you on facebook or something so we can keep in touch. It might be a good idea for you to meet with us when the website is being done.

    Thanks so much!!

  9.   Caroline Van Says:

    lol no prob. i’ll just look for places that does custom buttons for now. just message me when you want to meet up 😀

  10.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    YES! send me roughly how much you will be spending, text me at 416 835 8192 or find me on facebook: Yizhan Kenny Ji or post it on the blog asap

  11.   jjackson Says:

    My link was just an example of similar buttons that are very popular. You could model your buttons after the Spacing button. You might even get a mention on the Spacing blog if you make Trinity Bellwoods buttons. . . email Matt Blackett at Spacing.

  12.   Mhairi Robertson Says:

    Emailing spacing is a good idea. That would be a good way of furthering the message. I’m wondering if making some buttons for the people who will be running the stations, taking video, etc. would be a good way of separating them from the rest of the students (in case anyone has questions/issues). Thoughts?

  13.   Caroline Van Says:

    how many buttons should we get? will 100 be enough? should we get more?