Project Three: Narrowing it Down. . .

You have collectively chosen an idea — Psychogeographic Arrows — that demonstrates promise as compelling interactive experience for Trinity Bellwoods Park on Saturday, April 2. You have also been organized into groups, each charged with the task of propelling this idea forward. These groups are as follows.

  • Caroline, Hilda, Marco, Prisilla, Judy
  • Andrew, Fan, Alexandra, Cornelia, Kenny
  • Brian, Samantha, Jacky, Olivia, Mhairi, Anonymous
  • Renars, Amir, Sandra, Cindy, Sharon

1) A fully specified experience. In your groups, re-read the project brief, and contemplate the idea you have chosen. Brainstorm variations on the idea, and develop a fully specified version of the idea that best suits the constraints described in the project brief: limited budget (make it cheap), material flows (make no waste), intuitive functionality (make it easy to use), temporal sequencing (12:00 – 15:00 on Saturday, April 2) and site specificity (Trinity Bellwoods Park). Explicitly account for how your version of the idea satisfies the five phases of a compelling experience that we discussed in class: Attraction, Entry, Engagement, Exit and Extension.

2) A storyboard of your fully specified experience. Make a storyboard that outlines your new version. Post the storyboard to the blog, and annotate it (i.e. describe with text) with any important details. This storyboard will necessarily be more elaborate than the ones you prepared individually. Bring a physical copy of the storyboard to class.

2) A role-play of your fully specified experience. Come to next class prepared to role play your new storyboard: act it out for us. Bring any props and equipment you might require. Engage your colleagues: they can take part in your role-play too.

This is effectively a competitive exercise. May the best version of the idea, that is the most convincingly storyboarded and role played, win us over.