Project Three; Specified Experience

Mhairi Robertson, Jacky Tse, Olivia Shin, Sam Staddon, Joanna Rim, Brian Pierce and Anonymous

Read the captions on the story board for the participant’s experience.

We decided that keeping the arrows was a good way of drawing someone’s attention to our experience. We decided to make the arrows a bright neon colour and stick them to trees. This will help them notice the arrows. At each arrow will be a piece of paper. It is kind of a jigsaw puzzle where the participant has to follow the arrows to collect all the pieces. When they put them together they will get the message ‘What if we didn’t have parks?’ embedded within an illustration. The picture will also include a link to a website where they can put their experiences of the arrows, what they think and what other people think too.

The point of this is to make people really think about how important it is for us to have green spaces. Ideally, the participant will spend a long time and get to know and appreciate different areas of the park through the arrows. They will then be prompted with the idea of what if it wasn’t there.

As this experience pretty much makes use of paper, whatever people don’t take home can be recycled.

Overview of our Experience;

Attraction; We decided not to include any advertising for this experience. We really like the idea of you just finding the arrows while in the park. The appeal for this would simply be the idea of a walk in the park itself.

Entry; The person would enter this experience when they see one of the arrows and decide to follow it.

Engagement; By using a mysterious ‘jigsaw puzzle’ like message we are offering the participant an incentive/reason to continue.

Exit; The experience is over when the participant follows all the arrows and discovers the message.

Extension; By providing them with a means to stick the image together they will have something to take home with them. Also, by prompting them to answer the question and see what other people wrote it will extend their engagement further than theĀ  park.