Project Three; User Scenario Storyboards

While I was there I noticed that most of the people who came to trinity bellwoods were a variety of ages. There were a lot of parents, kids, young people and even dogs! For my experience I want to improve the park to make it more appealing. Right now it seems a little barren and muddy.

The subjects of my graphic novel are a family but I think this experience appeals to a lot of people. Since the text got a little cut off, here is what it says;

Box 1) Family goes for a Saturday walk in the park. 10:00AM.

Box 2) But it’s just early April and the park is still barren and muddy.

Box 3) What’s that up ahead??

Box 4) There are lights everywhere! So pretty!

Box 5) Family leaves park similing. They stayed at the park longer than they thought they would. 12:00 PM.

Box 6) Everyone in the park enjoys the lights. It creates a new environment on a chilly spring day.

I think that this is a good idea. By the time we get to March it’s still chilly but people are ready for a change from the cold weather. This is a fun way to simulate spring. Problems I see; lights might not be as effective in the light.