Project Three: User Scenario Storyboards

My idea is to help increase and encourage nature and wildlife, and what better way is there to do that than at a nice big park? There are lots of things individuals and families can do at their homes to encourage green life. Basically, I took those little ideas and put it together to create an idea of having a wildlife space in the park. The “magic garden” will be an open space/walkway in the park where many varieties of flowers plants and trees will be planted, especially ones that can attract wildlife; such as milkweeds. The garden will also have bird feeders hung around , and we can even take a step further and make bird baths or squirrel playgrounds.

Sam and her friends Emma and Robert are typical university students out on a nice day for a relaxing walk.While strolling in the park, when they notice a sign that says “magic garden”. Interested, they check out this garden and find a giant walkway that leads them through a very interesting and beautiful space. They are wowed by the pretty flowers and plants that are growing all throughout as well notices there are butterflies and hummingbirds hanging around. They leave happy, wanting to tell their friends about this place, and plans to return again soon.