Task Group Explore Future

Task Group Explore Future will be staging a non-linear performance cautioning visitors what could happen to Toronto’s parks and public spaces if they are allowed to be privatised. Saplings borrowed from a nursery will be set up in a field. When visitors approach Miss Condo Toronto will appear in her sash and helmet directing workers to remove trees to make room for condos, garages, coffee shops, etc. When visitors ask her what is going on/why she is doing this, she will tell them that condos are more fashionable than parks and she needs to build more to have any hope of becoming Miss Condo Canada. Greedy investors will “enlighten” visitors of the “benefits” of privatisation such as how the park can be kept perfectly spotless with funds obtained from entrance fees and that visitors needn’t worry about having their day disrupted by “bothersome” protesters. Should the visitors linger long enough they may witness resurgents restoring the park (returning saplings to the field) to the displeasure of the investors.

We will need people to play Miss Condo, the workers, the investors, and the resurgents. For materials: saplings, helmet(s), a Miss Condo sash, and if obtainable, an albino squirrel costume. If anyone could recruit more actors and/or borrow saplings, that would be excellent.