Wednesday Meeting Update

so mhairi, kenny and i (caroline) meet up today to discuss some stuff and get stuff done
this is what we got done


Trinity Bellwoods Appreciated


TBA (for short)



(we will update later)


so whats left to discuss is:

how many pins do we need?

(like jessie suggested) what if we put all our effect into the balloons?

Where will this experience be located?

will you guys be bringing tshirts on fri? (cus everyone has to bring one on fri for this to work)

lets answer these questions first before we continue.

please reply/comment

4 Responses to “Wednesday Meeting Update”

  1.   Shi Tong Li Says:

    OMG it’s a really nice logo!
    I do like the balloon idea. It makes out activity more unified.
    I’m just thinking we can make a balloon path. we can hang some weight on the balloons so they wont fly away, and aline them so they form some sort of path leading paritcipants to the final desination where the pins are.

    we can have two colours; one for explore and another for fun; as for the final destination, we can have a combination of the two.

    the question is, what if random (bad) people pop the balloons?

    also, what Tshirt do we have to bring? wont it be cold?…..

  2.   Caroline Van Says:

    should we still do separate path ways or shall it be 1 path where we will lead them to our balloons
    then to our pics
    we are also currently looking into weights that we can tack into the group…somehow

    also about the bad people..i mean there is a possiblility but we have many people monitoring so it should be ok

    just a plain white tshirt so i can make our group/experience tshirts
    also it should be fairly warm currently the weather says it will be 7 and sunny on sat

  3.   Andrew Michael Walker Says:

    Logo is great. (haha, I didn’t expect you to go with my TBA idea)

    I’ll have to play grammar nazi here, and tell you that “what if there is no park” doesn’t fly very well with me. Please change “is” to “was” before you get those buttons finished!

    Are there going to be any meetings on Thursday? I couldn’t make it to the one at 11 today, and I’d like to make sure things are going okay.

  4.   Mhairi Robertson Says:

    I’m pro making everything balloons. Group explore’s path will be along interesting spots in the park.