Exercise 9: Receipt

Just found that I can’t fit into my dress of last summer. I’ve been gaining weight really fast lately. It seems I need stick with palin breakfast like orange juice, plain margarine, cookies and steam eggs for a while.  I also bought some Museli in case I need something different.

There are some dandelions in my backyard and my boyfriend is out for vacation. Damn…Guess I need put on my new garden gloves and get rid of them by myself.
I just had some macaroni with little salt and tomato paste. No cheese or meat. It’s been third day of same diet. I just weighted myself and nothing changed. Still long way to go.

It’s late and I’m still working my project. I think I need another cup of coffee.

I’m still trying to figure out how to lose weight. Emmm.. Let me finish this buttermilk dessert first. I can’t think straight when I’m hungry.