One Object I love and One Object I hate

The object I love the most is my IPad . The iPad is way easier to carry around than a laptop. I used to bring my old Dell laptop to school almost everyday. Its very heavy. And I also need carry the bulky charger and an external mouse which will add some extra weight. Although I cannot install Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator on this device, Apple provids some other great substitute applications like Photoshop or Adobe Ideas. Most applications are free or by a very little cost . The battery last around 10 hours. The tough and sensitive screen easily bring sense of interaction and fun, and the sketch board save me from the burden of real sketch book. I absolutely feel release after I had it. Now I just cannot leave it away, and I rely on it for my daily life and found a lot of fun with it.

The object I absolutely hate is my new SonyEricsson cellphone.  I got it from Fido just few weeks ago to replace my old LG phone. The phone looks fancy at first sight: It’s super slim and light. The phone comes with a 5 Mega camera which can also be used to take HD video. There are also some other cool features like FM radio and touch screen.  After a few days of using,I started to notice the flaw of its design. The battery is draining very fast and i need to charge everyday. The awkward touch screen couse me pressing so hard each time. The phone doesn’t use standard earphone so I need carry 2 pairs of earphones in my bag. Alrough it has it’s own ‘App store’, but only has very few applications to choose. The worst thing is that I signed a 2 year contract for this phone and I feel like I’m stuck in a bad merriage and cannot see a way out.