Project Three: Cindy and Amir

Ms. Foster’s Class

Project: Balloons

The project was about inviting people to experience playing with balloons and also adding your message to the balloon  and releasing it into the air.

As we interviewed Benjamin Jami (student), we realized that the inention is to make people have an anonymous and accidental experience.

Another sudent explained to us that the sepectators would write their secrets on tags and release them into the air. What attracted people to the ballons was their colour and the extention of the experience was the feeling of release that the individual would have from releasing their secret.

We think that the colour set up was attractive as it can draw people’s attention. However, the extension was weak. If the individual was not there when the balloons were released they would get nothing from the experience. Also, the project ended up being more of a playground for children then a chance for people to write and release their hopes, secrets and desires. Moreover, because the composition of balloons was so extended, the balloons could not be noticed from afar. Unlike our project where the balloons were visible from almost every angle and distance in the park.