Shoot Your Boyfriend

Top Three Ideas:

1). Fun Fish

The idea of fun fish is basically use hook to catch the fish. There are several circles on different parts of the fish body. The player will try get his hook into these circles to catch the fish.

2) Score Board

Let’s try how much score you can get by playing the score board.  There are 10 holes spreading on the whole board. Each hole represents certain marks. The player will gain points when ball drops in a hole with positive mark and will lose points when the ball drops in a hole with negative mark. The player with highest points will be the winner.

3) Shoot your Boyfriend

The concept of this toy is hurling and shooting. The player will use a device to throw a ball or other objects to attack picture of her boyfriend setting on a spring on the other side . (The idea come from an IPhone App called Angry Bird). The purpose of this game is to release girls negative feeling towards their boyfriends.


“Shoot your Boyfriend” can be a good way to release girls negative affections such as angry, frustrating, and depression especially be invoked by their boyfriends.  By the action of shooting or attacking, girls find the way to balance their feeling and get fun from the game.

Players will try to figure out how much weight should be used to pull the string. If player pulls the string too much or too little, the ball will miss the target. So the key of success is to figure out how much weight to pull the string. The picture on other side is set up on a spring. So when it gets shot, the picture would shake which will add more fun on this game.

The concept of this toy is hurling and shooting. Using a ball or any object which can be through out to attack another side of picture of boyfriend which sets up on a spring. In order to release the angry comes from a girl’s boyfriend, the model of boyfriend be suffering by girls can really make a balance.