exercise 8: Persona

April 13, 2011

Name: Louis Lau
Education:Master of Electrical Engineering
Location: Toronto
Occupation: Working in a Telcom company
Wardrobe: Casual (T-shirts and jeans)
Music: R&B, RAP & Pop.
Food: anything can be found in his frig or any restaurant within walking distance of his working place.
Hobbies: Shopping, traveling, taking photos, going gym.

Loves: Sleeping, drinking with friend, BBQ at beach.

Hates: Working, working and more working.

Marital Status: single

Exercise 8-Persona

March 10, 2011

Evanne Stadford

The Tomboy

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Currently living Downtown Toronto, Evanne lives the average lifestyle of a 22 year old University student. She shares an apartment downtown with one of her best friends (female) and takes the subway as transportation to and from school. Like her roommate, she is currently in her 3rd year at Ontario College of Art and Design University pursuing a major in advertisement.

Evanne applies herself well in her studies and thus receives appropriate grades in her courses. Despite her typical appearance, she is able to balance her school life and social life pretty well, as well as make time for her part time job at the HMV store.

Some of her favorite hobbies and past times include listening to music, playing video games on not only her computer but also on her PS3, hanging out with her friends, shopping, and occasionally mindlessly walking around the downtown area. Evanne sometimes lights a cigarette outside as a time killer. Her favorite music alternates between alternative rock to punk, with favorites such as Blink-182 and  Green Day. She’s a girl who knows when and how to have fun, and is not afraid to take up a dare.

Usually sporting a loose hoodie, faded jeans and typical clothing combination chosen by guys, Evanne freely liberates her character and role as a tomboy. She chooses her clothing for the comfort rather than the style (ultimately). Oftentimes she shops at Thrift Stores and second hand shops, but does occasionally shop at Stitches or American Appeal. Because of her tomboy-ish appearance, she is not always welcomed by the more feminine cliques. Because of this, Evanne tends to have a few more male friends she gets along with very well. She feels as normal and comfortable when hanging around and goofing off with  her male friends as when she hangs out with her female ones.

Evanne is someone who is comfortable with who she is and not afraid to show it to the rest of the world.

Exercise 8, Jacky (Tse Hung Hei)

March 4, 2011

Name: Travis

Age: 26

Major: Graphic Design and photography.

Location: Toronto

Income: Part time job at hair salon and OSAP.

Children: No

Education: Self educated

Wardrobe: Classic, stylish, high class.

Music: Rock and Pop.

Food: Red wine with steak.

Hobbies: Relaxes on a sofa with a glass of red wine, and listen classical or acoustic guitar type of music, photography.

Hate: Morning class, math, science, lecture.

Exercise 8

March 3, 2011

The Hipster

[according to Yizhan {Kenny}, Cindy Lubinic, Hilda, Fan Zhang]

Name: John (Fritz) Lang

Age: 25

Hometown: Pickering, Ontario

Occupation: Sales Associate at Criminal Records

Residence: Toronto

Education: Currently studying Photography at OCADU

Hobbies: Shopping, listening to music, playing video games, reading periodicals.

Music: The Libertines, The Blood Brothers, Animal Collective, Neon Indian.

Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Eraserhead, I Heart Huckabees, Garden State.

Favourite Foods: Coffee/tea, vegetarian meatloaf, tofu.

Favourite Brand of Ciggarettes: Camels

Fashion: Urban Outfitters/American Apparel merchandise, thrift store finds.

Loves: Counter-culture and the obscure .

Hates: Mainstream culture.

Exercise Eight; Shaun Hudson

March 2, 2011

Renarz Dimza, Joana Rim, Mhairi Robertson and Olivia Shin

Shaun is your average serious student. He’s driven to work very hard due to having a hard family life. He’s ambitious and is willing to sacrifice many things to get good grades. One of the things he sacrifices is putting time into himself. He doesn’t spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning and isn’t particularly concerned about what he’s wearing. You’ll find Shaun is always a bit of a mess with hands covered in paint and markers.

Shaun loves food but doesn’t eat a lot of it. Like many of his fellow students he lives off coffee and whatever is cheap. He has a passion for music- especially classical music. One of his life’s ambitions is to learn how to play an instrument. If they weren’t so expensive he would definitely teach himself on the rare occasions when he’s not working. For now, his down time includes visiting art galleries to find inspiration for his next project.

He lives with several other room mates close to a ttc station. He lives apartment style and is thankful for the support even if they are a little loud sometimes. He hates when they have people over and doesn’t understand how they maintain their grades. Shaun’s pet peeve is when people don’t understand why it’s so important to work hard.

Excercise 8: persona

February 24, 2011



Name: Frank

Resident: an unit in a condo, with roomates on Colledge St.

Wear: generally wears loose clothes include T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers (with laces untied)

Diet: Prefer fast foods; usually eat pizza, chips, and pops. Heavily dependent on coffee. Also loves sushi.

Love/Interest: free drawing, his dog, interpretive dance, sewing, talking, coffee

Hate: homework, time tracking, Alarm clocks. waking up early, commuting

– tends to energetic at night and sleepy during the day

-does not care much for appearance-has dreaded hair and black rings under the eyes.

-disheveled and skips class a lot

-socially interactive only with people he is familiar with.

– a drinker!

photo by gimpbully


Exercise Eight

February 20, 2011


the sleepless sketcher

Anonymous, Judy, Prisilla, Marco

Age: 22
Major: Illustration
Credits earned: 6.5
Residence: Oakville sublet
Income: OSAP and part time food services (independent from parents)
Combined Workload: >60 hours per week
Diet: Frequently coffee and fast food, nutritionally unbalanced
Wardrobe: Comfortable, inexpensive, unvaried
Music preference: Obscure hipster bands, Black Eyed Peas
Device preference: Apple products
Loves: Drawing, music, Apple, saturated colours
Hates: Morning classes, essays, lectures, science

Draws mostly for personal satisfaction rather than assigned work
Draws while commuting
Poor essay writing ability
Undiagnosed manic depression
Often forgets to eat, sleep, and perform routine maintenance
Excellent technical results

Photograph: Eoin Gardiner
Sketching the heron

Exercise Eight: OCAD Student Personas

February 18, 2011

“Personas (figure 5.8) are a documented set of archetypal people who are involved with a product or a service. . . . To create a persona, designers find a common set of behaviours or motivations among the people they have researched. This becomes the basis for the persona, which should be given a name, a picture, and a veneer of demographic data to make the persona seem like a real person.”

(from Dan Saffer, Designing for Interaction, 89-119)

In groups of four, generate one detailed persona from the list we generated in class on one 8.5″ x 11″ page. As per the example above, your persona must consists of a name, an image and a “veneer of demographic data.” This data provides the detail that helps make the persona seem like a real person. Provide at least twelve facts about your persona, including at a minimum the answers to the following questions.

  • What do they wear?
  • What do they eat?
  • What do they listen to?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they love?
  • What do they hate?

Pin your provisional persona to the wall for the remainder of the class. After class, post your persona to the blog with any necessary enhancements, such as a photograph. Remember to include the names of all the members of your group in your post.

Exercise Eight is due at 12:00 on Friday, March 4.