Beautiful Circuits – Justice Stacey

“Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say” Rosemary Crossley

In a world of spoken word, how do we create alternative non-verbal communication methods? Individuals may be temporarily or permanently non-verbal and may struggle to express their needs, wants, and ideas. Also – while “no fully credible census of Deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing people has ever been conducted in Canada.” – there are an estimated 357,000 culturally Deaf Canadians and 3.21 million hard of hearing Canadians. Statistics on Deaf CanadiansWhile sign language is one alternative communication solution not everyone may have the ability to learn it.

Another important building block of our communication is body language, making up to “between 50-80% of all human communications”. Body Language – Business Balls It can subtly convey what we can’t always read in words. However, for individuals on the autism spectrum these signs can be hard to read. Even outside of this it can be hard to catch these small details. There is significant research exists that can help to translate this body language if one needs help and assistance.

My piece asks what if our clothing and accessories communicated with us? What if clothing accentuated our body language to allow for clear understanding of it? Starting with basic symbolic representations of emotions, more can be added on to allow a depth of nuanced communication. Further work would have to be done to make the decision to try and make this universally understandable or if there should be different culturally responsive products.


Material & Parts List

Part Number Part Description Quantity Supplier
LEDGE-000355 5mm LED – Blue 2 Creatron Inc.
LEDGE-000340 5mm LED – Yellow 2 Creatron Inc.
BATTG-203200 CR2032 Coin Cell Battery 2 Creatron Inc.
LILYB-008822 CR2032 Battery Holder 2 Creatron Inc.
FLORT-000603 Conductive thread – 35ft. 1 Creatron Inc.
RESIS-500025 1/4W 5% RESISTOR (10 PACK) 150 ohm 1 Creatron Inc.
RESIS-500025 1/4W 5% RESISTOR (10 PACK) 220 ohm 1 Creatron Inc.
N.A. Jean button up shirt 1 Gap
N.A. Felt Squares 1 OCAD Fibre Studio
N.A. Metal Snaps 8 Michaels

Circuit Diagrams

Blue – Sad

Yellow – Happy

Note: the resistors used in the final were bought at 220 ohms before I simplified the circuit.

Circuit Illustration

Circuit Illustration


img_1728 img_1727

img_1724 img_1723