My Beautiful Circuit


In my beautiful circuit assignment, I have constructed and designed a pouch made for men and women. It is made out of cotton muslin, one undyed but silkscreened a geometric print and the inside is nature dyed with woad. I machine sewed the pieces together, added a white zipper on top and then began the process of putting my circuit together. I hand-sewed conductive thread in a square shape to go along with the geometric print. Placing the power source inside the bag prevented the design in the front to be unobstructed. I wanted the light to be a simple addition to the designs and that only shut off if you pulled out the battery.

materials & parts list…

LED lights, 3V battery, alligator wire, power source, conductive fabric

electronic materials purchased from Creatron Inc.

cotton muslin, woad, zipper

materials purchased from Affordable Textiles

Diagram of Circuit…


Image One – Close up of cotton muslin material used. Nature dyed with woad

Image One

Image Two – Silkscreen cotton muslin with woad dyed cotton muslin


Image Three – materials and tools used to construct pouch. Sewing machine, fabric scissors, pins, thread, thread cutter.


Image Four – Used iron to straightened out materials for a clean finish.


Image Five – Added zipper under layers


Image Six – Machine sewed pieces together


Image Seven – hand sewed conductive thread into rectangular shape with LED light


Image Eight & Nine (left) – Hand sewed power source in place with 3V battery. (right) Clipped on alligator wired from power source to conductive fabric


Image Ten – Close up of alligator wire


Image Eleven – Final pouch


Image Twelve – electronic materials used for circuits