N Calzavara – Wearing Light

Haedron – Spinal Lighting

Haedron is a spinal wearable that displays light on the body for illumination and visibility purposes in spaces where you need to be noticed or want to make a statement.

Haedron works by a Arduino powered Neopixel 30LED 1m Addressible strip, that is capable of displaying a wide variety of different colors and patterns, for just about any mood.

20161101_155020 20161101_155022 20161101_155024

Different views of Haedron on.  This mode is circulating through a rainbow sequence.

20161101_154644 20161101_154811

Some other lighting samples

Haedron runs customly written code, circulating through an Arduino Uno, and powered by a 3.7 Volt 400 MAH battery.  The Arduino sources code to the LED strip, while the battery powers it across a custom fit breadboard.

There is a strong motivation to continue developing with these electrical parts, and the physical parts like Crosslink foam and Coroplast benefitted me, however more robust materials would do even more justice to the project.


The control box.  You can only open it if Haedron is not being worn, and is securely closed by a top carapace of foam blocking off the electronics.  Not waterproof.

Circuit Diagram Below:


Part List:

Arduino Uno Rev3

Lithium Ion Battery – 400MAH

30 RGB Ws2812 Addressable Strip – 1M


Crosslink Foam

Custom Breadboard

CODE BASE : http://www.tweaking4all.com/hardware/arduino/adruino-led-strip-effects/