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Jovana Ivanovic

Imagined Wearable – AmplioVisionem <— click here to download file

Technology has been advancing at an alarming rate, from simple calculators and automobiles to supercomputers performing high calculation-intensive tasks and even rovers landing on other planets. The most memorable achievements in technological development are often large advancements and get publicized tremendously, much like the rover Curiosity that landed on Mars. However, some of the most innovative gadgets can be something small, like a cellular phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. These helpful tools can make us stronger, better, or allow us to communicate with the world easier.


One of the most overlooked wearable accessories that has been around for centuries would be the spectacles, also known as glasses. The main purpose of glasses is for vision correction or eye protection, allowing those with poor vision to see the world around them better. Sunglasses are used for protecting ones eyes from the ultraviolet rays from the sun, as long was simply wearing it for aesthetic or fashion purposes. Imagine what it would be like if a simple pair of glasses could grant one super powers. Of course these glasses would not allow you to fly or lift objects with your mind, however they would grant enhanced vision at extraordinary levels. The name for this certain pair of spectacles would be the Amplio Visionem, as their main purpose is to amplify one’s vision in reference to their particular need. Using a number of different interchangeable lens combinations of different colours, one would be able to enhance one’s vision in a certain way. A few examples of what the Amplio Visionem would grant is the ability to see people without clothing, 3D vision, thermal vision, x-ray vision, night vision, 3D vision, and allow the user to zoom. What would be the purpose of these different combinations, and how would they better society? One of the most evident uses would be in the field of security, the police, and the army. By allowing the user to see the target without clothing, security officers could easily inspect for dangerous objects when boarding air planes. There would have to be a certain limit as to what one could see of course for privacy reason, however it would rid airports of the uncomfortable pat downs and scans. The police and army would greatly benefit from the thermal and night vision, and it could help save many lives by allowing them to identify dangerous objects where they previously could not. In the field of medicine, x-ray and thermal vision would also greatly assist in saving peoples lives by allowing doctors to see certain parts of the body without all the clunky medical equipment getting in the way, and freeing up their hands. Finally there is personal entertainment, such as being able to see far away locations when on vacation, or staying up later at night due to the night vision.


How would these innovative glasses work exactly? The first concern would be power, and with everything going wireless now it would charge wirelessly online. In order to easily control the different lens combinations a simple micro controller would be connected to the product using Wi-Fi. In order to differentiate the different lenses from one another, the frames would read a special bar code or chip on the edge of the lens. This product would not be a one time deal either, as it can go on as an ongoing business by making more lens combinations. Some examples of what could be added would be the ability to take pictures or record videos. These pair of glasses are also not that far from being brought to reality either. Already prototypes of similar glasses are being introduced. A research and development program released by Google and titled Project Glass is meant to serve as an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). The information would be displayed similar to that of a smart phone, with hands free interaction and voice recognition commands. With such an innovative product just around the corner, it is possible that we would see the Amplio Visionem in the near future.

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