Safety Jacket

Sexual abuse and rape are serious issues that are quite common around the world. Many cases go unreported because the victims feel like the police cannot help them. In fact, in 8% of rape cases, the attacker is unidentified. For my project, I wanted to create a safety jacket for women that not only helps to scare off the attacker as a preventative measure, but also helps capture evidence of the incident if the crime was so unfortunate to have happened. Such a dreadful experience often affects the victim psychologically, making it hard for the victim to repeat or remember what happened. So, this jacket will act as a way for authorities to understand the situation, allowing them to be able to take action as soon as possible and prevent the attacker from hurting anyone else.

To achieve this, I want to experiment with other outputs besides LEDS, which I have used for my first two projects. I want to experiment with using a zipper as one of the inputs and a camera as one of the outputs. Other parts will include: conductive thread, LED, Lilypad simple, Resistors, and batteries. It’s quite ambitious for someone who has little experience with codes or any of the parts I want to use, so I’m hoping that things will go as planned.

But what is the plan?

Week 1 – research and experiment with the technology (camera) and circuit (zippers and resistors)

Week 2 – begin prototyping (sketches of final design, find materials or existing jacket that I could use)

Week 3 – final design (make the jacket and test it, make changes)

UPDATED! With this project, I wanted to experiment with two things – cameras and zippers; however, I realized that in order to get the camera to function, there are many components I would need to purchase and the price will add up. So, I’ve decided to dedicate my time towards experimenting with zippers and adding more features to the jacket (as you can see with my updated parts list).

Parts – Zipper, Conductive Thread, LED, Pull Switch, Light Sensor, Speaker, Lilypad Simple, Resistors, Batteries

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