The TTC Shirt Proposal

Description and Concept

For my final project I will be making a t-shirt that will display when the next streetcar or bus will arrive. The purpose of this project is to improve the experience of riding the TTC without needing the TTC to intervene. By engaging the DIY community to build these shirts, the final vision is many people wearing them so that all riders can benefit from the information that is being displayed. This will help pass the time more quickly when waiting and reduce frustration of not knowing when the next vehicle will arrive. It can also provide a form of entertainment and encourage engagement between riders.

Paper Prototype

I built a paper prototype to see if this concept would resonate with riders and so I wore my prototype out in public and recorded the reaction:


Week 1: Research technologies

  • Arduino connection with smart phones (blue tooth, wifi, etc)
  • Build software prototype with Processing

Week 2: Procure and Start Building

  • Procure parts
  • Build prototype with bread board to test hardware and software

Week 3: Assembly

  • Put together wearable form and test by wearing

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